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Mr Vassilis Tampakopoulos

Mr. Vassilis Tambakopoulos

(son of Monterno founder, Mr. Orestis Tambakopoulos)

Our story

Monterno Patisserie / Cafe Snack / Bakery / Catering was founded by Orestis Tabakopoulos in 1947 with the aim of offering exquisite, premium quality pastries and ice-cream to the people of Chania.


Today, 71 years later, Monterno, having stayed faithful to its values, continues to use high-quality, pure raw materials and to propose unique recipes of sublime taste in a constant attempt to evolve the art of confectionary.


Monterno keeps on investing in the most advanced technological equipment and training of their personnel and have created a modern production unit to guarantee swift, efficient and, above all, customer-friendly delivery of services.


All products (sweets, cakes, ice-cream, puff pastries, chocolates and catering items) are made from carefully selected raw materials, under strict hygiene conditions.


MONTERNO shops are committed to maintaining tradition, ensuring consistent quality and renewing their product line.


Making bread as an art...

 We use select flours, wheat, oats, barley and rye, but no additives - and no rushing. We knead all doughs by hand and let them rest until they have matured well before baking. In our outlets you will find a large variety of white breads, black and wholegrain breads, yeast breads, ciabatta and brioche.

It's a sweet life...


Snacks & Coffee

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Snacks and of course... quality coffee!

Where the traditional blends with the modern, quality is unwaveringly high and the right espresso choice is simply a 'must'...

After making a name for ourselves in the market of Chania over the past 40 years for our superior quality pastry products, we responded to consumer needs by establishing for you a wide range of snacks, hot and cold. Drop by any time for warm and crispy cheese pies, melt-in-your-mouth croissants and doughnuts, delicious pies, hearty sandwiches, refreshing salads and freshly cooked meals.

Knowing that our focus is on preserving quality and that we constantly renew products, makes it that much better to muse over the number of salty and sweet snack options you may seek out at our outlets or have delivered to you.

Along these lines, we could only have picked out for you the best coffee blends there are, opting for MRS ROSE and MOKA MO.

Savory Snacks

Indulge in a tasty breakfast or quick brunch with a wide variety of Thessaloniki bagels (of our own production), warm, freshly-baked pastry puffs, traditional pastry pies, fresh Arabic (pita) bread rolls or sandwiches made with our own bread and an appetizing variety of cheese and cold meat products, fresh vegetables and home-made dressings.

Sweet Snacks

It's hard to resist tempting sweet delicacies. Definitely not made any easier by the broad range of freshly-baked, filled doughnuts, heavenly-smelling tsoureki (sweet bread), fluffy cakes and crunchy cereal bars.

Catering Services

For the most important moments in your lives...

Monterno has been active in the field of catering since 1990, constantly rising and evolving.
Thanks to our long-standing experience and knowledge, our state-of-the-art, certified premises and our emphasis on high gastronomy and abundance in flavour options, we are able to ensure unique results, suitably tailored to satisfy all needs.
Centred on catering to your budget as well as to your guests, we can endorse the success of any event, from the most simple to the most challenging ones.


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